Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

This past year has taught me many valuable lessons and through it I have seen myself struggle, stumble, regain balance and grow. For all that has happened I am grateful. The challenges were daunting at the time, the lessons learned are priceless and will stay with me in all my years to follow.

Along with the challenges and growth there were many wonderful experiences as well to look back upon. Moving to Las Vegas has been a tremendous gift to me. There is so much more to living here than I would have ever imagined. Great trips to the strip - amazing hikes - making new friends - trying new restaurants and foods - the list goes on.

The mountains out here give me perspective and help maintain a certain mental balance. When I feel concerned about the future, or I get stuck dwelling on the past, it is time to take a good long look at the mountains. To remind myself that what I am thinking on is temporary, as most things are, and to let it go. To return back to the present moment, that everything will be just as it is meant to be.

-Nicola Byrne

Ask yourself this question:  "Will this matter a year from now?"
--Richard Carlson, writing in Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

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