Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day Four and I Woke Up CRANKY

I definitely could feel myself running across negative thoughts today, however I had a strategy to get past them. I put on Wayne Dyer's audio book "101 Ways to Transform Your Life" and listened to it driving to work. The one that stood out the most today is "the wilderness is therapy". Very true.

Embracing that suggestion and setting the intention to improve my mood and frame of mind I went straight to Pueblo Park on the way home from work. During the very leisurely, scenic and enjoyable walk with my friend we talked and took pictures.

It did the trick! It is impossible to not smile at a bird, a chipmunk, the sky, a butterfly sitting on a flower ...





  1. Cool !! Love the pics Nature is how we connect :-)

  2. Funny, I woke up cranky that day too. Yes,I agree, it's hard to stay cranky with so much natural beauty surrounding you. I love these pics and your words, both put a smile on my face! Thanks for being you Nic!

  3. Thank you both Brenda and Stacey! :-)