Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day One-Hundred and Eleven ... One Year

Today is a milestone for me, it has been one year since I moved to Las Vegas. What a year it has been. There have been many opportunities for growth. I am sure there will be many more opportunities to grow as time marches on. I am grateful for them. I feel as though I have certainly grown and this blog has been instrumental in it.

There have been days where finding something good to write about was a downright challenge. After doing so however my mood is miraculously improved. Perhaps that really isn't a miracle. Focusing on the good stuff, to quote Mike Robbins, just plain feels good.

I look forward to the next year in Las Vegas. So many things to see and do. So much more growing to do as well.

Thank you for reading,
-Nicola Byrne

The man who has done his level best, and who is conscious that he has done his best, is a success, even though the world may write him down as a failure.
-B.C. Forbes

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