Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day One-Hundred and Fifteen ... Getting Grounded ... Practicing Being Present ...

My cable modem is not functioning right which means I am unable to access the internet regularly now ... Last night I could not get on but while walking the dogs I had what I wanted to write about all figured out. Now that I have a connection ... if it lasts! ... I will write.

I watched a movie on Thursday night ... it reminded me to be more present.

I bought new shoes on Wednesday ... they have increased my awareness of being grounded.

The movie Peaceful Warrior is based on a true story and began as a book. I look forward to reading the book as well. It is a movie about living in the present moment, fully. A quote I particularly enjoyed from the movie and was turning over in my mind last night while walking the dogs is:
“There is never nothing going on. There are no ordinary moments.”
 As I was thinking of it I became aware that I wasn't IN the walk. I was walking but I was not experiencing it. Then suddenly I heard the crickets, the sound of the cars, the clinking of Mugsy's metal leash, I felt the ground under my feet, noticed the lack of breeze and felt my breathing. I realized I had been distracted and was as far from being present as possible, and how much being present changed my walk. It was very revealing.

The shoes are new for me, they are Vibram Five Fingers and are basically like gloves for your feet with a strong protective bottom so that you can experience being barefoot without concern for injuring feet outdoors.  I am much more aware of how I stand and move in these shoes. I feel far more grounded than I have in any other pair of shoes and I am incredibly aware of my toes and using them. It reminds me a lot of yoga. I really love these shoes.

Practicing being grounded and present,
-Nicola Byrne

Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Knowledge is knowing, Wisdom is doing.
-Quote from Peaceful Warrior

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