Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Eighty-Six ... Luck

My note from the Universe from yesterday:
A Life Coaching Tip from The Universe:

The time will come, Nicola, and it will be sooner rather than later,
when your greatest admirers and protégés will look at your life - your
achievements, possessions (especially your beautiful home in the desert), and passions - frown a little and sullenly say, "Yeah, but for you... it was easy."
At which point you should conceal any yearning you may possess to either
object or laugh hysterically. Instead, lovingly look them square in the eye
and say, "Yes, and it can be easy for you, too."

Get used to it,
   The Universe
It has a ring of truth in it. How many times have I looked at someone that seems "well off" and thought they were just simply lucky, completely bypassing whatever steps, effort, or beliefs it took to get them where they are. Someday I will be where I want to and someone else will be a few steps back on their journey and think the same thing. Not knowing all the time spent on learning different ideas, the missteps, battling with negativity, planting seeds for positivity, then seeing them wash away only to replant them again.

What we see is always only the tip of the iceberg. Unless we walk in another persons shoes we will never know the path or how many pairs of shoes they wore out along their own journey.

That email was a good reminder for me.

Moving forward, one step at a time,
Nicola Byrne

Luck is ... Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.
-Attributed to Mary Ellen Holden

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