Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Eighty-Three ... More Reading

Now that we have central air once again I have been able to think and concentrate and read a bit more. Reading to learn that is. Which means I returned to the book by Mike Robbins, Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation. It is an easy to read book and leaves you with a feel good mood even after a few pages.

Today I took a little quiz on "where negativity shows up" in my life.

Judgments and lack of appreciation were two that I identified. I'm not a big gossip, not that I'm immune it to it, but I don't initiate it or seek it out. However, judging things good or bad, I see that a lot in myself. What's a good exercise? A bad exercise? A good food? A bad food? I'm good if I stay busy and get a lot done. Lazy if I take time to relax. Those are certainly part of a parade of thoughts I can have on any given day. Anytime I get stuck in griping, whether it is just internally and not expressed, I am not able to appreciate anything around me.

Those are two things I want to improve upon. When I catch myself griping, I look for something to appreciate. When I hear myself think good or bad, I look for impartiality. To just see things as they are without prejudice. That is a challenge for me. I'm so used to labeling everything pro or con. Good or bad. One day I will be better at accepting and get away from judging. It seems to me that is a very peaceful way to be.

Looking forward to more reading tomorrow,
Nicola Byrne

Acceptance is observation of life and suspension of judgment about whether what is happening is good or bad, right or wrong.

-Ron Smotherman

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