Friday, June 17, 2011

Day Fifty-Seven ... Late.

I woke up this morning and wham! was hit with the realization I forgot to write the blog last night. It wasn't a casual oops I forgot, I had a genuinely stressful day and I allowed it to take over. Driving home from work last night I was crying, and the next hour at home that seemed to continue or worsen. Then I made dinner and went out to run a few errands.

When I got home I was as emotionally drained as could be and fell asleep. Neither the blog nor positive thoughts were uppermost in my mind. I honestly hope that doesn't happen again because I truly believe the blog is helping me. Once in a while though the cumulative effect of everything overwhelms.

As I sit here and sift through the memories of yesterday looking for a good thing to write about what comes to mind is hugs. Lots of hugs from my husband when I got home, he was genuinely worried and concerned. He helped me feel better and supported me through a bad day. I am extremely grateful for that and this is the best thought to choose from yesterday. I'll continue to put my focus there.

Hugs work.

The Friday blog will be up later ...

Thank goodness it is Friday!
Nicola Byrne

Hugs are the universal medicine.
-Author Unknown

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  1. Hugs are so cool have a beautiful weekend my friend Much Love xXx