Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Fifty-Six ... When Good Thoughts Go Bad

Today I felt blue. So blue you could call it indigo. I amused myself by repeating the phrase "when good thoughts go bad" for quite a bit of the day. It made me smile. The silliness of it.

I listened to music a lot today and the Universe cooperated a lot by playing a significant number of my favorites.

Tonight I am going out to see a band at the Suncoast which will also play a nonstop selection of music I love. That should really help banish some of the blues.

Tomorrow I intend to wake up in a great mood, no excuses. I will also make sure I exercise. No matter how I looked at it there was just no time to squeeze that into this day. I did manage to get on the rebounder twice though and it moved those blues back for a bit. Exercise has such a beneficial effect on our outlook and mood that when I miss a day I can feel it.

There is good in every day. Work went well. Every client worked hard and left happy, albeit fatigued. I was also able to see a client have Dexa Scan and VO2-Max test. It was a privilege to be included in the testing. I have not had this client for long and the real credit goes my friend who trained him before I took over and to the client, of course. In the end we can only show a person what to do. They have to do all that work themselves.

Bring on tomorrow!
Nicola Byrne

Music's the medicine of the mind.
-John A. Logan

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