Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day Forty-Two ... A New Month

It feels right to start the first day of a new month off with being grateful for the past month ...

I am grateful to my friends and family who support me when I'm weak and cheer me on when I'm strong.
I am grateful for my health. My vision. My hearing. My taste. My sense of touch. My sense of feeling.
I am grateful to be alive. To be able to breath on my own. For the use of my arms and legs. For having ten fingers and ten toes.
I am grateful to live in Las Vegas. Where the sky is almost always blue, the mountains are a reminder of eternity and to not sweat the small stuff. That even the big stuff will pass too.
I am grateful for the phone, it keeps me in touch with those I love.
I am grateful to love the work I do and for each and every one of my clients. They inspire me and make me proud.
I am grateful to have loving and healthy pets. They remind me to slow down and enjoy moments.
I am grateful for the certification course I took last month. It has challenged me both mentally and physically; and has brought new concepts and tools to my training.
I am grateful for the food I eat and the water I drink.
I am grateful for my rebounder. I absolutely love jumping on the trampoline, especially knowing how much it does for me.
I am grateful for the experiences in my life, each have contributed to the person I am.
I am grateful for the hair dye that disguises my grays ... and that is a big job!
I am grateful for all the new friends I have made since moving to Las Vegas.
I am grateful for my car. It gets me here and there and everywhere.
I am grateful I began this blog, because every day without fail it keeps me vigilant for good things to write about. It changes the focus of my day from "Ugh, I can't believe that happened" to "OK, let's forget that because I can't write about it, where is something good and uplifting to write about instead?"

Thank you for reading,
Nicola Byrne

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.
-Cynthia Ozick

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