Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Sixty-One ... Back on the Horse

Ugh, I missed an entire day! This morning I woke up at about 5:45 a.m. give or take five minutes and was just running through my day in my head. Wham! I realized I fell asleep and had not written the blog last night. For Father's Day no less. I had it all planned out.

I could have written it earlier in the day, Sunday, right after work, before meditation. I delayed because I really wanted to go to meditation class and see if there was anything that came up to add to it. When I arrived at meditation I discovered it was canceled. I went home and my husband had just walked in from work. We figured out dinner, ran out to get something to cook, sat and watched a silly movie. I went upstairs and was asleep much earlier than my norm.

Amazing how a change in my "plan" (or routine) for the day changes everything.

A few thoughts on that come up for me.

First, I am not getting as much rest as I need. I have increased the intensity of my exercise routine a lot, in fact it is at as high an intensity as I can physically tolerate during the workout. That means my nutrition has become more important, my hydration and my rest. It seems I have been slacking in the rest area. I will take an extra night off tonight and exercise tomorrow instead. I will listen to what my body and energy seem to be telling me.

Second, I believe I have slacked on looking for the good in my day. Not that it is not there and certainly not because I am thinking negative thoughts all day. It is more the complacency of things are going well, work is busy, and my focus is more on chores and work. This is something I want to improve on because I do believe that writing this blog, along with the feedback I receive, is instrumental in making my life happier and more full. Yes, I have had some "opportunities" to work on of late, but overall, life really is good.

When you exercise and build muscle that muscle only sticks around for as long as you use it, actively, and continue to create the stimulus that your body needs to maintain it. I mention that because I have a feeling that if I stop looking for the good, stop focusing on writing something significant to me every day I will begin a slow return to where I was before. Use it or lose it applies to most things in life.

Next is going to be coming up with a strategy to keep the focus where I want it. Choosing Good Thoughts. Blogging about the process. Writing first thing in the morning works well for me, but there are days where I cannot squeeze the time out. There must be another answer and I simply do not have it yet.

Thinking good thoughts,
Nicola Byrne

Failure does not exist. Failure is simply someone else's opinion of how a certain act should have been completed. Once you believe that no act must be performed in any specific other-directed way, then failing becomes impossible.
-Wayne Dyer

Supposing you have tried and failed again and again. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down.
-Mary Pickford

USE this time of fresh beginnings. Use it as an impetus, the force or energy toward change. Become stronger, a better leader, more focused in your thoughts. Exert more influence over your dreams by bringing them closer to your thoughts, every day.
-Mary Anne Radmacher

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