Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Thirty-Five ... Very Blessed

Today I am counting my blessings and there are many. Some are easy to forget to be thankful for. Easily taken for granted and overlooked. Sight. Hearing. Smelling. Tasting. Touching. Walking. Standing. The ability to do laundry at home. Heat. Shelter. Electricity. Running water. Hot running water...

Most of the time these things go somewhat unnoticed, they are part of the background of life. Until there's a hiccup and there is an interruption in the seamless background. Recently the hiccup here was no hot water. Washing dishes in cold water feels a lot like trying to lick your windshield clean. You can manage it, but it just doesn't feel right or effective. It is pretty gross in fact. I wouldn't recommend it. All week I have wondered how on earth people cleaned anything in a river ... many years ago.

Not being able to shower at home? Taking a cold shower? The cold shower is definitely the lesser of two evils, but both really aren't pleasant.

I'm thankful for the hot water. I'm even more thankful to the friends who helped fix the hot water heater. There are people in life that go the proverbial "extra mile", well out of their way, to help another. That is one of the most amazing blessings anyone can experience. I may not have a large bank account, but I truly am rich in life.

Thanks to YOU!
Nicola Byrne

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.
-Henry David Thoreau

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