Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day Twenty-Nine ... Sun, Wind, Eight Hours Sleep

It is so rare that I get a full eight hours of sleep. I simply am not the greatest of sleepers, a lot of things wake me up. A month ago I downloaded from Amazon something called binaural sleep systems and I put on some headphones and sleep the best sleep ever. The only thing is they are regular headphones and if I roll over in my sleep they come out, then dog or feline antics wake me up, or the wind.

Last night though, they stayed in all night and I slept perfectly, woke up early and feel completely refreshed, alert and optimistic. Last night was tremendously windy too, and I never heard a thing.

Clearly, I operate on less than optimal amounts of sleep all to often. Today I can see that it has a subtle (perhaps not to subtle, but unnoticed anyway) effect on my ability to focus my energy on optimistic things and steer clear of negativity.

That said I can see I want to be sure I get a good nights sleep and make that a priority. I'm guilty, as most of us are, of putting that low on my list of priorities, choosing instead to fill the day with all the things I perceive as essential. Reality is, whatever I don't get to in the day will patiently wait for me tomorrow, and when I get enough sleep they will be done with ease.

Wide awake,
Nicola Byrne

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. 
-Irish Proverb

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